Meet Soldo

What is Soldo?

Soldo is a multi-user spending account, complete with Mastercard® debit cards, intuitive admin and effortless reporting. You finally have an easy way to delegate, control and track your employees’ (and your company’s) expenses.

Configure your employees as users and create expenses centres, allocating each an online wallet and Soldo Mastercard® debit card (plastic or virtual). Set bespoke budgets, limits and rules to suit everyone’s needs (and trust levels); chiming perfectly with your procurement policy.

You’ll retain ultimate control over everyone’s wallets via the richly featured Soldo dashboard. All balances are shown in real time – all the time – and you’ll receive instant notifications every time an employee or expense centre spends money. A single click is all it takes to lock and unlock cards; allow or prevent online, overseas or ATM transactions – all in an instant.

Users can download the simple app, and get real-time balances and statements at a glance. They can also attach receipts to transactions, and add tags to categorise different purchases – making the reconciliation process a breeze.

Soldo Business’ data integrates seamlessly with all major accounting software. Just click to export via Excel, CSV, QIF, OFX or PDF : tedious expense reports are relegated to the past.

Register for Soldo in five easy steps
  1. Fill in the simple application form
  2. Get approved and receive your login information
  3. Load the Company Wallet by bank transfer
  4. Add employees and expense centres as users and order plastic and/or virtual Mastercard® debit cards
  5. Instantly transfer funds to your users, for free.

Start spending immediately, monitoring each transaction with real-time balances and statements

Is Soldo right for my company?

Whether you have 2 employees or 10,000, Soldo Business’ modular architecture means it will always keep apace with your business’s journey. Our pricing structure is also modular, so you only pay for what you use.

Soldo Business is infinitely flexible, so you can tailor it to fit your business – and your employees – perfectly.

Case studies

A sales account manager is travelling to secure a contract. She uses her Soldo card to pay for the flight, dinner and city transport. She attaches receipts and notes, and tags every expense with the project name, so that the account admin can filter her expenses in an instant, using the Soldo Business dashboard.

The marketing team uses an advertising expense centre Soldo card to buy advertising space, which neatly ringfences this cost against those of individual employees or specific projects.

Who is behind Soldo?

Soldo Financial Services Ltd is an electronic money institution, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (ref: 900459). Read more about us here.

How do Soldo cards work?

The Soldo card is a Mastercard® debit card, which means you can use it at over 30 million Mastercard® outlets worldwide – including 1.5 million cash machines. You can assign one or more Soldo cards to each employee and expense centre, so that each spending stream has its own dedicated card. The cards will come embossed with your users’ names, but you’ll retain ultimate control all the way.

You can set bespoke limits, rules and budgets for each card individually; suiting each user, and aligning with your procurement policy. The Soldo Business dashboard is intuitive and highly responsive: any changes you make to your users’ card facilities or balances are implemented instantly – in real time.

If any of your users only need a card for online purchases, you can give them a virtual Soldo card instead of a physical one. It has all the purchasing power of a physical card, but with far fewer of the risks associated with having a valuable piece of plastic that can go astray.

Who issues Soldo cards?

Soldo cards are issued by Wirecard Card Solutions – an authorised and registered electronic-money institution with passporting throughout the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).

Is Soldo a credit card?

No. With Soldo, your users can only spend the funds you’ve transferred to their wallets. Their balances are updated in real time, and we’ll never charge interest on purchases.

What’s on the screen is what’s on the card – in real time, all the time. This applies whether you’re looking at the Soldo Business dashboard, or your users are looking at the Soldo Business smartphone app.

Instead of credit card bills, expense reports and a tedious reconciliation process, you’ll have crystal clear stats, instant notifications and the option to set budget limits; so that none of your users ever accidentally overspend.

Using Soldo

When will Soldo be available?

Soldo is on the market now. You can register by completing the application form right here.

Where can I use Soldo?

You can use Soldo at over 30 million Mastercard® outlets worldwide, including 1.5 million cash machines.

Almost all online retailers accept Mastercard®, which means that your virtual Soldo card is just as flexible as plastic.

Soldo cards are contactless, up to £30.

What does Soldo mean by ‘expense centre’?

An expense centre refers to a regular or frequent purchase category that doesn’t necessarily relate to a specific department or employee. You can define your Soldo expense centre users to follow existing cost centres or in the way that makes most sense for your company.

Soldo cards for expense centres can be used alike purchasing cards (see below).

Can I use Soldo as a purchasing card?

Yes. As well as allocating Soldo cards to employees and teams, you can also configure expense centres as users.

Using expense centres in Soldo allows to manage frequent purchases quickly, easily and securely. You’ll be able to streamline and ringfence disparate departmental spends, driving new efficiency and cost-saving in the reconciliation process.

For example, your office team may need two Soldo cards: one for purchasing refreshments, and another for purchasing stationery. Using Soldo to create two separate expense centres makes these different expenses easier to track and analyse.

How do I transfer money to my users’ Soldo cards?

Once you’ve loaded your main company wallet by bank transfer, just use the Soldo Business dashboard to instantly transfer money for free to individual users’ wallets. As soon as you’ve done this, the money is there for your users to spend, according to the bespoke budgets and rules you’ve applied.

What are tags and how are they useful?

Tags are a smooth way to organise your users’ spending, making everything easier to track, control and analyse. Your account admin defines a range of tags in the Soldo Business dashboard, and users then use the app to add any tags to their transactions.

Tags can relate to specific projects, expenses, or to any other category of your invention – whatever makes it easier for you to manage your business spending.

Defining tags in the dashboard – and selecting them in the app – takes just a few moments; yet saves precious hours in the reconciliation process.

Will Soldo work with our accounting software?

Yes. With a couple of clicks on the Soldo dashboard, you can export all the transaction data you need, to all the major accounting software systems. Soldo exports in Excel, CSV, QIF, OFX and also PDF, should you need an easy-to-read printable format.

What kind of support does Soldo offer?

We are available to offer online support via email at

In which countries is Soldo available?

To date, Soldo is available in Italy and the UK, but we have passporting to more than 30 countries in Europe and can’t wait to bring Soldo to businesses across the continent.

Security and Privacy

Where is my money held?

Soldo’s segregated client accounts are always held at leading EU- based banks, providing the maximum level of security. A segregated account is a bank account that is completely separate from Soldo Financial Services business accounts, ensuring that our creditors cannot claim client funds. In other words, your funds are always protected by being kept independent of Soldo’s assets.

How does Soldo protect my data?

Soldo will never share your information with anyone. This applies to personal information as well as financial data. We’ll only ask for the very minimal amount data that we need. Learn more about our privacy policy.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen, or if I notice unauthorised transactions?

Lock the card instantly, either in the Soldo dashboard, or the app. This renders it unusable. Once you’ve done this, contact us on We’ll cancel the card for good, and issue another one.

If you think your card has been used fraudulently, we’ll work together to investigate and resolve the situation promptly.

Thanks to Soldo’s real time balances, spending notifications and one-click un/locking, you’ll be safer than ever from fraud and theft.

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