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B60 is a management consultancy and digital agency​ which empowers employees and streamlines expense management with Soldo.

Industry: Technology
HQ: Warwick
Employees: 25

B60 is a management consultancy and technology delivery agency based in Leamington Spa. Working with brands including Santander, Subway and JD Sports, B60 helps clients on their digital transformation journey – this is how Soldo helps.​​

As a company that understands exactly how digital technology impacts business efficiency, B60 was frustrated by the state of payments and expenses. ​

Documenting expenses was low down the list on the management team’s priorities, and a single NatWest card was being shared around the business – adding an unnecessary element of risk.


  • Easy-to-use & quickly adopted​​
  • International capabilities​​
  • Direct Xero integration​​

With many members of the team using challenger payment solutions privately, the team sought out a business equivalent to Monzo and Revolut. Eventually, the team stumbled across Tide – but there were inherent limitations that meant the service wasn’t up to the task.

“There’s no waiting on stuff – everything is in there. Soldo gives you total control over every expense in the business. We’ve rewritten the whole expense process now.”

Lee Grant,
Financial Controller

Going digital

Pete Gatenby, Client Services Director at B60, explains: ‘Tide’s process blocked us at too many turns. We were deploying [contractors] out on projects to the US and Dublin, and they didn’t like that.’ ​

The team wanted to be able to provide a seamless expense process for every member of their team, but nothing seemed to provide the security, control and visibility needed. Then Lee Grant, the company’s Financial Controller, discovered Soldo.​

As well as meeting the team’s need to securely deploy expense cards to contractors in the field, the platform streamlined the entire expense process for the management team. Lee can set budgets and provide funds to the team in real time, and the expense process is quick and easy for users.​

Lee says: ‘There’s no waiting on stuff – everything is in there. Soldo gives you total control over every expense in the business. We’ve rewritten the whole expense process now.’​

High speed

But, for Lee, the most transformational element of the Soldo solution was its seamless integration with Xero. He continues: ‘It’s all live – I haven’t got to wait for the statements. The speed with which we get the transactions from Soldo, and the level of detail we get, that’s what sets it apart.’​

It’s high praise from a team that specialises in finding or creating the right digital tools for the job. And today, B60 demonstrates it faith in the tool by giving the entire team access to Soldo cards. ​

All eight directors have their own cards, contractors get cards that can be switched on and deactivated instantly, and there’s an office card for general expenses. ​

For Lee, as it stands, nothing comes close: ‘From my point of view, doing the accounting and the bookkeeping, it’s so much better than anything else I’ve seen.’ ​

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