Soldo for Enterprise

The world’s most effective and scalable spend control and management platform, built for business​

Regardless of the size and complexity of your organisation, stay in control of your enterprises’ spending, minimise inefficiencies and protect the bottom line with Soldo – a complete spend management solution for enterprise to manage both company and employee expenses.​

Control company budgets and spend via an intuitive web console before the transaction happens. Enable employees and departments to spend using Soldo Mastercard® cards, while capturing vital paperwork at the time of transaction with in-app receipt capture. In addition, categorise spend with tags and notes. Gain real-time transaction visibility and create reports to gain insights into company spend…. Simplify the way you spend with Soldo.​

Why do enterprises choose Soldo?​

Map your organisational spend​

Map the size, unique architecture and spending needs of your organisation by department and employee.​

Optimise working capital​​

Free credit to finance more strategic activities by effectively allocating funds with instant, automated free money transfers into employee and expense centre wallets.

Delegate and control​

Give employees and departments the ability to spend company money by issuing Soldo Mastercard cards. Control spending with bespoke budgets and spending rules.

Customise permissions​

Grant bespoke permissions to each user and expense centre. Define which features and resources they can access and enable managers to control team spending​.

Advanced reporting and integration​​

Generate two-click, data-rich expense reports, in different formats, ready to upload into all the major accounting software. Complete Xero integration coming soon.​

Unparalleled customer support​

Soldo’s UK-based customer support is on hand to help your employees to make sure you get the most out of Soldo.

International capabilities​

Soldo meets the demands of international business with the possibility to create wallets in GBP, EUR and USD; low FX rates; and the ability to use Soldo Mastercard cards in 210 countries.


Soldo is FCA regulated and Soldo’s segregated client accounts are held at leading EU- based banks. In other words, your funds are always protected.

“Soldo is a product that really delivers. Delivers on value and delivers on its promises.”

Dennis Koehler, Global Head of Payment & Fraud​ – GetYourGuide

“Soldo has given us more freedom. One of the best things about Soldo is the customer service.”

Martyn Sexton, Finance Manager​ – Secret Escape

Frequently asked question

What are the spending limits for the cards I issue to my employees?

You can set daily, weekly and monthly spending limits for each employee through the web console. ​

Set automatic money transfers in and out of employee and expense centre wallets to ensure employees have necessary funds to get the job done and ensure optimal working capital allocation. ​

All limits and transfer rules can be changed in real-time.

Do finance teams need to manage all budget and spend or can they delegate management to functional and team managers?

Soldo enables you to control and manage spending according to your company’s organisation and needs. ​

You can assign administrator capabilities to managers, limiting their capabilities to the administration of their specific team members.​

All permissions can be changed in real time from your web console.

Why should I replace my corporate credit cards with Soldo?
  • Corporate credit cards require the provision of credit to the company which is not always possible or desired​
  • Corporate credit cards require complex administrative processes to issue to junior employees​
  • Corporate credit cards do not allow budgets to be created and/or the proactive control of employee spend​
  • Corporate credit cards have limited capability to manage spend emergencies due to a lack of flexibility in increasing real time credit limits ​
  • The preparation of expense reports by employees using corporate credit cards require onerous, manual processes by employees and finance departments. ​
What are the benefits of using a Soldo Mastercard card over a corporate credit card for online purchases?
  • The credit limit of the corporate credit cards are designed for personal use and is often insufficient to cover the online purchasing needs​
  • Often a small number of corporate credit cards are used by numerous departments, generating problems in identifying and attributing purchases to the right departments​