Producing media with Soldo​

Empower runners to make purchases their work requires. Use real-time data to track actual spend vs budgets​

Throughout production, all expenses must be assigned and differentials between actual and budgeted spend accounted for.

Productions budgets are extensive and both above and below the line costs are meticulously documented by producers and unit production managers before principal project begins.

The problems​​

Lack of spend visibility

A lack of visibility of spend make it complicated for unit production managers to manage spend and track budgets​

Exposed to high overspend

Production companies are exposed and unable to control spending of assistant and runners, commonly resulting in high overspend​

Slow payment processes

Limited capabilities to empower crew members to make the purchases their work requires often slows production time​

Regular disputes

The necessity of receipts can lead to all sorts of practical difficulties and make payment disputes harder to resolve.​

With Soldo production companies can transform the way they do business, regaining control and increasing efficiencies​


Retain total control with bespoke budgets, limits and spending rules by production project​


Empower assistants and runners to make purchases their work requires​


Assign purchases to relevant production stages or line items using pre-set tags​


Use real-time transaction data to track actual vs budgeted spend​


Cut time required for crew members to file expense reports​


Easily correlate expenses with CETA entries​

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