Report: Reshaping retail productivity

In association with Retail Week, Soldo reveals how the UK’s top 30 retailers are winning the margin battle.

The smart solution to spending and expenses

Streamlined, scalable, automated – Soldo combines prepaid Mastercard® cards and intuitive admin tools for complete control and visibility over the entire business expense cycle.

Financial Automation: Expenses

We worked with Raconteur to look at the benefits of adopting new financial technologies. Time, money and trouble, how automation saves it all.

Soldo: Trusted by hundreds of organisations

Soldo is flexible enough to work within organisations of any size across industries. Here are some examples of organisations where Soldo has already redefined business spending.

Managing not-for-profit expenditure

Get the facts about not-for-profit spending, read expert commentary and explore case studies.

A better fit for your business

Scalable spending

Empower employees, contractors and departments to spend responsibly. Boost productivity but maintain control with budgets and rules.

Effortless expenses

Streamline expense management with receipt capture at the point of purchase, automated reporting, and accounting integrations.

There’s a smarter way to manage spending

Manage spending your way

Give workers and departments the ability to spend company money with Soldo Mastercards®. Prevent overspending with budgets and rules for multiple users.

Organise funds at will

Transfer money into Soldo, then move funds between user and department sub-accounts with complete flexibility – at no cost. Automate transfers to reduce admin.

Cut the cost of global travel

With low FX rates, and the ability to create cards and wallets in GBP, EUR and USD currencies, Soldo reduces the cost of international business.

Turn rich data into insights

Soldo provides a comprehensive, real-time view of company spending, so finance teams can identify cost-saving opportunities and deliver more accurate forecasts.

Reduce the burden of admin

Automate expense reporting and reconciliation. Let employees capture receipts and additional data in the Soldo mobile app. Create rich expense reports in a click.

Integrate with your systems

Reduce manual data processing. Generate data-rich expense reports in a wide variety of formats, ready to upload into all major accounting and ERP systems.

In-depth report: The economic impact of Soldo

We worked with Forrester to reveal the true economic impact of Soldo. With a 630% return on investment and a less than three-month payback period, the results speak for themselves.

Trusted by hundreds of organisations

“With Soldo, we have eliminated the hassle of bank-issued credit cards. Soldo cards are delivered to our office in just a few days, we can see the reporting data easily, and we get help quickly through the app.” Manager


“I would say that Soldo is a product that really delivers. Delivers on value and delivers on its promises.” Dennis Koehler

Global Head of Payment & Fraud, GetYourGuide

See how Soldo can help

Contact us today to see how our multi-user spending and expense solution can help you achieve your goals.

Frequently asked questions

Is Soldo a credit card?
No, Soldo offers prepaid Mastercard cards, where only the money loaded to your company account is available to spend. Balances are updated in real time and users can never spend money which is not made available to them.
Who is the issuer of Soldo cards?
Soldo cards are issued by Wirecard Card Solutions – an authorised and registered electronic-money institution with passporting throughout the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).
Where can Soldo cards be used?
Soldo Mastercard cards can be used at over 30 million locations worldwide, including 1.5 million cash machines. Almost all online retailers accept Mastercard®, which means that your virtual Soldo card is just as flexible as plastic. Soldo cards are contactless, up to £30.
How do companies transfer money in and out of their Soldo account?
To deposit money into an account simply login to the web console and click on the ‘deposit’ button. There you will find the details necessary to transfer money by IBAN (for GBP, EUR, or USD), or by Faster Payment (for GBP only).

  • To transfer by IBAN: use the IBAN number to transfer money from a bank account. It can take up to 24-48 hours for GBP and EUR transfers, and up to 5 working days for USD transfers.
  • To transfer by Faster Payments (BACS): use the account number and sort code to transfer money from a bank account. It can take up to 2 working hours, but usually money is transferred immediately.

You can withdraw money from a Soldo account at any time by contacting detailing the amount of money you wish to transfer out and to which bank account.

Where are the funds being held?
Soldo’s segregated client accounts are held at leading EU-based banks, providing the maximum level of security. A segregated account is a bank account that is completely separate from Soldo Financial Services business accounts, ensuring that our creditors cannot claim client funds. In other words, your funds are always protected by being kept independent of Soldo’s assets.
In which countries is Soldo available?
Soldo is available to companies registered within Europe.