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When you’re running a not-for-profit, you have one compelling reason to watch the pennies – every pound saved could be used to further your cause. But controlling spending and tracking expenses can prove challenging.​

Not-for-profits often need to document and justify all costs, but a high turnover of volunteers can create complications. On top of that, staff and volunteers often work in different offices around the world or are on the road, making managing spend even harder.​

The challenges faced by not-for-profits​

Lack of control

They are exposed by a lack of control over volunteer spending, which can result in overspending.​

Lack of visibility

There’s a lack of visibility, which makes it complicated for non-profits to manage spend and track budgets.​

Inability to spend

They rely on volunteers – often with high turnover – who lack the ability to buy on behalf of the non-profit.​

Administrative overheads

There are costly and time-consuming administrative overheads when reconciling receipts and reimbursing payments.​

With Soldo, not-for-profits can transform the way they control spend and manage expenses, helping them make a bigger impact.​

Empower spending

Issue prepaid Soldo Mastercard cards to staff and volunteers, without the need for individual credit checks. Enable your people to spend on behalf of your organisation from day one.​

Manage and control spend​

Effectively manage costs by creating expense centres and cards for each project and campaign. Stay in total control with bespoke budgets, limits and spending rules for any project or individual.​

Transfer funds instantly

Put an end to cash emergencies or workarounds with instant, free money transfers to individual wallets. Set automatic periodic or low-balance transfers to make sure employees and volunteers always have the funds they need.

Gain complete visibility​

Get total visibility and practical insight into spending across your not-for-profit organisation. Export all transaction data in a variety of formats for deeper analysis.

Save everyone’s time

Automate expense reporting and say goodbye to month-end manual reconciliation with the Soldo mobile app – where staff and volunteers can photograph receipts and add notes to each transaction.​

“Before Soldo, managing money in the office was difficult. One of our goals as a team is to have a cashless office, Soldo enables us to do that as efficiently as possible.

Audrey, Community Manager at Emmaus South Wales​

Soldo works very fluidly and things are so much better than they were six months ago before we adopted it.


Finance, Rite Directions

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