The multi-user spend management platform​

Centralised control of card payments for employee and company purchases

One account to manage all your employees and departments spending, delegate payments, set bespoke budgets, control expenditure, generate beautiful reports, and integrate with your accounting software and more. 


Create as many users as you need for employees, contractors and consultants. Provide them with Soldo Mastercard cards for their expenses and a mobile app to capture receipts and other expense information.
Expense centres allow departments to manage card payments for company purchases both online for ecommerce, SaaS and online services, and for terminal payments.

Allocate funds and control spending​

Define who can have access to money and move funds instantly and for free to and from users and expense centres balances.​
Define balances and budgets and control spending with detailed rules or simply by switching cards on and off.

Pay with prepaid debit cards

From within your account you can create as many Soldo Mastercard cards as you need in GBP, EUR or USD. Plastic cards for POS purchases will be delivered in a few days, virtual cards for online transactions will be immediately available for use.

Track spending in real time

Check balances, receive notifications in real time for transactions, refunds or payment attempts that were blocked by your rules. Use the mobile app to add tags to expenses or to snap photos of receipts that are then instantly available to your administrators. 

Report and analyse

Gain insight on your spending. Search and filter transactions or aggregate them based on cost centre tags or type. Generate reports that include attached receipts and export data in a variety of data formats for further processing.

Export and integrate

Streamline expense management and reconciliation by exporting your data for consumption by other systems or administrative processes. Directly integrate with your accounting or expense management system for a seamless data transfer.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Soldo a bank?

Soldo is a business spending account. It is not a bank and doesn’t want to be one. We’re not trying to replace banks but rather to complement traditional banks’ offering with advanced and innovative financial services. To do this we are authorised and regulated as an e-money institution to hold our customers money and to execute payment services and we follow strict compliance processes. 

What is a spending account?

A spending account is an account that a company opens with Soldo to manage spending of employees and departments. It is in the name of the company and is funded by moving money via bank transfer from the main company bank account.

Where is my money held?

We don’t lend or take risks with our customers’ money, we access it solely to execute customer’s transactions. Client funds are always protected, as they are completely independent of Soldo’s business accounts and assets. Client money is kept in a protected, ring-fenced account in leading banks in each market.  The funds are safeguarded under UK Electronic Money Regulations 2017 and cannot be claimed by Soldo creditors. Funds held by Soldo are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Can I move funds back into my company bank account?

The funds in the Soldo account are always available to the account holder and can be moved back to the company bank account at any time.